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Are you looking to buy a home in your senior years? Whether you’re downsizing or wanting to experience new things now that you’re retired, find the perfect landing spot to spend your golden years by following these five steps:

Find a Neighborhood with Great Amenities

Plan your relocation with your comfort and happiness in mind. Maybe you want to stay close to family and friends, or maybe you want a complete lifestyle change and are considering a move to a different country. Whatever the case may be, make sure you do your research first to ensure that your new home will be in a locale where you get to live the way you want. Also, consider your current and future needs concerning healthcare, shopping, and entertainment. Is public transportation available? Thinking ahead will help you narrow down the perfect community for your move. Choosing Mexico can help.

Look for a Home Where You Can Age in Place

If you’re planning on your new home being the last house you move to, be proactive and look for a place where a senior can safely live on his or her own. Opt for a one-story with kitchen/bathroom enhancements, doorways large enough to accommodate a wheelchair, and slip-resistant flooring to prevent falls. Try to buy a house without any steps or stairs, and if you’ll be decorating the space with area rugs, make sure they have a non-slip backing (you can also purchase non-slip pads, which will serve the same purpose). Be prepared for any eventuality, and you’ll be able to enjoy many years in your new house.

Opt for an Easy-Maintenance Yard

Living in Mexico, your property or rental will likely come with frequent yard maintenance, at very low cost. You may be a gardening enthusiast now but think about a few years down the road and look for a low-maintenance yard you’ll still be able to enjoy even when you don’t have the time and energy to tend to it. You’ll feel safer knowing that intruders won’t be able to lurk around unseen, and in case of an emergency, your house will be clearly visible from the street for police and EMTs to find you. Good outdoor lighting and an unobstructed pathway leading to your home are also a must if you want to safely age in place.

When looking for a home to spend your golden years, it’s best to have an idea of how you’re planning on spending your time, who you want to spend it with, and to keep your safety top of mind.

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Guest Blog, by Andrea Needham