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No travel is safe without a trustworthy insurance company that provides easy, effective insurance policies taking care of you while you are in a foreign land. Choosing Mexico is proud to be associated with Novamar Insurance a leading Insurance provider and a trustworthy company offering various insurance products for travelers to Mexico.

Mexico Auto Insurance Tourist Policy Features

Policy features for personal-use vehicles registered outside Mexico, while traveling in Mexico:

Note: for motorhomes and RV’s, only liability coverage is available

  • Collision and upset/material damage
  • Total loss
  • Third party liability
  • Medical coverage per passenger
  • Legal assistance
  • Roadside assistance
  • Theft

Limitations and Restrictions

Our Mexican auto insurance for tourists is available throughout Mexico, subject to these limitations:

  • Only for Canadian or US registered personal-use vehicles
  • Coverage is valid only for citizens or residents of Canada or USA
  • Driver must have a valid driver’s license
  • Coverage effective only within Mexico
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We designed the AIG Novamar MX HO Policy to give you peace of mind that your investments are properly protected in Mexico. Our easy to use online policy issuing system means you are just minutes away from protection against damage from fire, lightning, hurricane, tsunami, flood, mudslide, tidal wave, earthquake, third party liability, glass breakage, by a policy that meets USA and international standards of quality.

This policy is easy to buy online or by calling Novamar offices in Mexico. You will need only the physical address of your property, or the house you are renting, the Zip Code in Mexico, and the values you want to insure.

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Boat liability insurance protects you from legal liability from accidents which result from the maintenance, use, or ownership of your boat or yacht. This includes protection from legal liability for bodily injuries, damage to someone else’s property, bail bond and legal defense in the event of such claims.

Our boat and yacht liability insurance policies provide coverage throughout Mexico. Novamar Insurance offers professional services, and our staff of English-speaking professionals can provide you with free quotes on our various policy options.

Policies are underwritten by ABA Seguros, Mexico. ABA Seguros is part of the ABA Group of Companies, a global insurance company established in 1985, with 15,000 employees in 53 countries around the world.

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