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Medical Care in Mexico means medical services and “wellness”, in the broadest sense. In this post, we will focus on private hospitals and specialists. It’s a given that where you find the best hospitals, there will be all the ancillaries you would need for diagnosis, surgical procedures, disease management, medications, nursing, and post-operative recovery.

Remember also we discussed how many US and Canadian migrants will often cobble together home-country services with Mexico care. Surgeries in Mexico are by no means rare; however,  many foreigners choose to do the more extensive procedures under their back-home medical policy. To know more visit Destination Showcase

  1. Care and Costco in Mexico City:

    This might sound like cognitive dissonance, but CDMX (infamous for not being a healthy place to live) ironically has Mexico’s best hospital and medical specialists. It’s also filled with green spaces and “colonise” where the air contamination is manageable.

  2. Guadalajara:

    This is Latin America’s medical education “hub”, with major universities graduating hundreds of students each year, many of who go on to careers up north (hey, maybe your doctor studied here!).

  3. Tijuana:

    Medical tourism is a major part of the border economy, with Tijuana leading the way. Add to this the San Diego care opportunity and you’ve got a top-notch combination of value and choice.


And Costco!

I won’t do “rankings” for places that have access to familiar products. Why bother, when Costco has over 35 locations across Mexico, delivers the next day, and even medium-size Mexican towns have a cluster of American box store brands (Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond, Sam’s). And of course, ALL beach resort areas are loaded with box store options.

But in fairness to Costco, I can’t resist mentioning the Merida store. It’s unique in the world. There’s a giant “cenote” in the parking lot!

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