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If you’re in your 50’s (and reading this) it’s likely the idea of living overseas is part of your retirement planning. Like never before in human history, the world is open to living abroad considerations. You probably have traveled internationally over your lifetime, and maybe said “You know, I could live here!”

Some 12 million US passport holders live full-time outside the United States. That number will likely continue to increase, due to both “push” and “pull” realities of your current situation. The “push” factors are very personal and individual. The US political trampoline has given folks on either side of the spectrum their own justification of leaving. Regardless of your political views, there are other monumental challenges (medical care, cost of living, ageism, consumerism, random gun violence, family disunification) that can “push” people to the brink. To each his or her own reason(s) for wanting to get out.

Top of favorite place for Mexico living

“Pull” factors can be highly individual as well. For me, Latin American has been a constant fascination. Rising to the top of favorite place is Mexico. I came first as a kid, weekend vacationing in northern Baja, an easy drive in the station wagon from my Orange County home. It continued as I entered UCLA and got a job with Mexicana Airlines in 1979. As I traveled Mexico liberally, I was utterly captivated. Now living here since 2015, my connection is deeper and more rewarding than I could have imagined. 30 centuries of culture, settings ranging from bone-dry deserts to rain-soaked jungle, pulsating big cities and the hemisphere’s most enticing collection of beach towns may seem like a retirement dream.

For millions, it is. Uniquely Mexico is the ability to have a lifestyle that is both foreign and familiar. Exotic and “the same” as back up north. Immersion in one of the world’s oldest cultures, or in your Mexican home with every “back home” comfort within easy reach. Is there another country in the world that offers this combination? Climate, connectivity, culture, community, care, and Costco!

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