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Mexico for living presents 32 spectacular experiences that invite the visitor (and those wanting to live here) to tour the country state by state — discover its natural beauty, its archaeological and culinary wealth, as well as the expressions of the diverse cultures that form part of its colorful mosaic. Together with the geographic diversity that makes each state unlike any other, each one deserves to be explored. Here we suggest how to do so.

From the beaches and estuaries of Mexico’s coasts to the most remote towns. They are ensconced in the mountains, by way of the deserts and jungles, our selection of content provides an inspired collection of destinations, US and Canadian visitors, and adults wanting to live overseas.

Mexico occupies sixth place in the world for the number of places declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, totaling 35. It is in fourth place for the number of Biosphere Reserves, which total over 80. The country now has over 130 towns and villages that have been awarded the distinction of Magical Town or Pueblo Magico.

Mexico for Living and our resources offer an endless journey of attractions and advantages. That demonstrates the country’s cultural wealth and lifestyle choices. All that is lacking is you — finding your village in the sun.

Charming colonial cities

Charming colonial cities

What about Mexico for a living?

This extraordinary landscape of climates, cultures, and lifestyles is coupled with distinct advantages for US and Canadians. We summarize these as CLIMATE, CULTURE, CONNECTIVITY, COMMUNITY, CARE, AND … Costco! Expand your Mexico for living horizons by looking into our e-Learning Course or 1-2-1 Coaching Session. This 1-2-1 Coaching Program helps you navigate the truths and myths of living in Mexico and it is also for visitors.