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Living in Mexico

Living in Mexico comes down to two fundamental questions: location and lifestyle. So, if you can get these two topics in sharper focus, your Mexico for living exploration will take on new meaning.

Let’s start with location. Americans exploring overseas living have before them (or will have again soon) an entire planet of places to consider. So, it’s not like there’s a shortage of places to consider. There’s an overwhelming slate of choices. You may have vacationed around the world. But when it comes to living in a place, a “reality check” will logically limit the places you consider. So, let’s keep the discussion in the Western Hemisphere for now, considering a north-south corridor of choices.

Is Mexico for Living in your future?

As you explore locations across our North American neighbors, let’s assume you aren’t seriously considering heading even further north. So, this puts Mexico into the crosshairs. Like millions of Americans, you’ve probably vacationed here. It’s beach or border places giving you opinions or perspectives about living in Mexico. It’s only normal. My advice is don’t let where you vacation lock you into a short list of places to explore.

Location and lifestyles of 32 states in Mexico

It stretches west to east from California to Florida. So, there are islands, deserts, mountains, plains, valleys and of course, coastlines to consider. Urban giants, rural towns, and magical villages are already home to expats from around the world. So, broaden your search horizons you might just discover your village in the sun is not a village at all. The same goes for your beach paradise. Might be you don’t really want to live where others are in party-mode year ‘round.

When it comes to lifestyles, try to imagine a typical week. Is savoring Mexican cuisine important? Do you have an affinity for Mayan culture and archaeological sites? Is Mexican history something you hope to explore? What kind of community do you want to hang with? Expats in Mexico are a diverse bunch. Mexican weather and year-round sunshine mean outdoor living. This in turn avails you to all sorts of pastime pursuits: hobbies, volunteering, music, recreation, hiking, and more.

Mexico for living wants to help you navigate this maze of choices. Our online course and 1-2-1 Coaching Programs can help get you started.