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Where to Start?

Moving overseas involves tradeoffs and some degree of sacrifice. No matter where you go, things will be different, in big and little ways.

And as the saying goes, Wherever you go, there you are“.

Mexico is no different. Many of us want to reinvent, reboot and rewire. There are places and lifestyles across Mexico that are better than others at accommodating our values and wants. For some, the easiest thing is exploring Mexico for living in places you’ve already visited. Are you passionate about Puerto Vallarta, longing for Los Cabos or craving the Caribbean? Then it’s highly likely you will be predisposed to these locations. It’s only normal.

However, moving overseas may be the biggest decision you’ve made in some time. It can become a complex process. So, to truly embrace Mexico living, you will need to open the process to the diversity of locations and lifestyles that Mexico can provide. You’ll learn this insight will only be useful if you’re ready to surrender some of your stereotypical impressions of Mexico, one of the most misunderstood countries in the world.

Mexico is, culturally, America’s “distant neighbor”. Most countries around the world are a total mystery to novice travelers. However, Mexico has entered our imagination (as Americans) in profound ways. How so? Narco-nation or earthly paradise, Mexico visitors have formulated opinions from decades of visitation, media exposure, news reports, and icons of popular culture. Americans “know” Mexico, even while most of us have only explored a fragment of the broader Mexico reality.


Mexico living experience

So, let’s expose some of the critical features of the Mexico living experience. Take a look at this map and chart. Before we dive deep into specific locations, it’s important to break the Mexico experience into broad categories. So, go get a Corona and take some time to explore and absorb this content.

You might want to write down FIVE things you learned by exploring the map planner above; i.e., about any new places, activities, or lifestyles. Maybe you never considered inland locations, or nature-based activities, or how many oceans and seas surround Mexico. Learning about the many faces of Mexico will expand your horizons.

Homing in on Mexico as a place to live here’s another helpful chart that summarizes Mexico, based on criteria that may or may not be relevant to your decision making. Grab another Corona and dive in. In our next blog, we will discuss these factors next by zeroing in on my SIX CRITERIA for Mexico living. Salud!

Map and Lifestyle Planner