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One of the BIG questions about Mexico living has to do with how you will spend all your free time.
Once the boxes are unpacked and you’ve met your new Mexican and ex-pat neighbors, there can be a period of “wake up, now what?” that many are not prepared for. So, here’s a chart that summarizes the vast array of settings and activities that Mexico offers.

Except for snow skiing and curling, there’s just about every kind of leisure pursuit available across Mexico. What are your hobbies? There is a good chance that via places like the Lake Chapala Society, San Miguel de Allende’s Biblioteca Publica or the Merida English Library, or online Facebook groups you can connect with both migrants and Mexican around just about any interest.

Beyond “activities” here are some broad OCCUPANCY options you should consider early on in your Mexico for living exploration.

  • Full-time resident (Resident migration status, pulls up stakes back home; buys home or rents to buy)
  • Part-time resident (Could be a Snowbird or Sunbird; could stay on tourist visas; keeps residence up north
  • Rent out your home in US/Canada and rent in Mexico before deciding to move to Mexico (possibly using the year to explore other locations)
  • Assisted Living (variety of settings)
  • Memory Care (limited but growing options)

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