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So, where are you likely to find YOUR village in the sun? How do you go about exploring options that EMBRACE what YOU value and answer the question “What’s your big purpose?”

I’ve come up with a set of TOPICS I’d like to share. Let’s have a look. What I’ve tried to do is distill and summarize a fundamental part of the Mexico migration decision: where to live.

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Mexico can be an open book of experiences that address just about any lifestyle. Mexpats include the highly educated, the high school dropout, the social misfits and the culturally evolved global traveler. And plenty of just plain nice folks.

Some of us are here because we don’t “fit” up north, some of us are drawn here by an intense desire to embrace uniquely Mexican traits, and others come here to stay in a sort of back-home bubble.

Mexico is more than anything a ‘STATE OF MIND” that requires a sense of humor, patience, acceptance, humility, and flexibility. If you come here expecting things to be like back home, you’ll be disappointed.