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Mexico for Living


For decades, Mexico has been home to Americans seeking retirement peace-of-mind.

Mexico for Living

Americans are exploring viable overseas living solutions for an array of adult-living scenarios. For decades, Mexico has been home to Americans seeking retirement peace-of-mind. 

If you have retirement challenges, or simply want to improve your quality of life (irregardless of your age), Choosing Mexico is here to help. Join us to navigate and explore adult living solutions across Mexico, and enhance your quality of live under a Mexican sun.  

Mexico can be a logical solution for US adults with a range of adult living needs. The challenge for many is where to start.

Can Mexico be your solution? That depends on a matrix of factors, pertinent to your particular situation. Cost, climate, community dynamics, medical care needs, and connectivity are all part of the decision maze.

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Lifestyle migration that’s transforming lives

We can help you navigate the truths and myths of living in Mexico.
Consider Mexico

Why Consider Mexico?

Americans are finding new futures by exploring adult and senior living settings across Mexico, from big cities to resort towns and Spanish colonial villages. Attractive and fulfilling lifestyle options await American adults with an array of needs and aspirations.

Who is Choosing Mexico?

As on-site subject matter contacts living across Mexico, we want to be your starting point for retirement discovery and enhanced lifestyles under a Mexican sun.

Mexodus-right for you

The MEXodus might be right for you

Is your retirement planning filled with certainty or riddled with potholes? Is “outliving” your savings a legitimate concern? Have you enjoyed international travel over the years? Considering an overseas retirement future?

US adults are reaching retirement age with growing uncertainty. 10,000 Americans reach age 65 EVERY DAY, and there are millions seeking guidance around lifestyle migration and living in Mexico.

Who can you Trust?

Founded in 2007, Choosing Mexico is your trusted advisor about the realities (truths and myths) of Mexico for retirement and living.

As educators, we leverage our 50+ years of Mexico travel, work and living experience to create a storehouse of curated informational resources, insights, 2022 DISCOVERY TRIPS and consultative services—all designed to assist your family’s deliberations over the Mexico living opportunity.

Find Your Village in the Sun


Explore and Imagine

Mexico stretches west to east from California to Florida, across a landscape of astonishing cultures, 9,600 kilometers of coast, four oceans and seas, and a territory that's home to 10% of the world's plant and animal species.

Explore and Imagine Mexico

A Local Perspective

There's no way to experience living in Mexico for retirement without engaging with your peers—Americans who have already migrated south, enhancing their lifestyle and peace-of-mind.

A Local Perspective

Saving Time, Avoiding Frustration and Misinformation

Surfing around Facebook groups or googling can be exhausting. The internet landscape is dominated by online trip/travel sellers or paid content. Social media channels are filled with fluff.

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We're changing lifestyle frontier. See what people have to say.

Mexico Living: Expand your peace-of-mind horizons...


Send your parents and neighbors to Mexico for good... good health, good living.


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